Nike Mojo Ball, Callaway Big Bertha Fusion and Etonic Shoes

Nike Mojo Ball, Callaway Big Bertha Fusion and Etonic Shoes

Karma Chameleon

Every dozen of Nike’s revamped two-piece Mojo distance ball comes with a red, orange or purple Karma ball meant to give golfers good juju. The new Mojo has a softer core under its firm Surlyn cover, which combined with 32 more dimples provide less spin and lift for a trajectory that’s more clothesline than rainbow. $28 per dozen; 888-799-6453 or

Big Bertha Fusion Fairway Woods Callaway’s Big Bertha Fusion fairways will continue the theme already seen in other Fusion clubs–marrying composite and metal to provide design flexibility for the fine-tuned performance. Here, a stainless steel body sports an ultralight carbon composite crown to lower the center of gravity, helping players get the ball airborne quickly. Callaway plans a mid-April launch for these woods, which we suspect will be priced lower than the ERC Fusion fairways already available. (The company won’t confirm this.) We’ll update you as more info on the new Fusions becomes available.

Spiking the Spikes

Etonic’s new G>Sok golf shoe is spike-less, but don’t let that slip you up. The rubber sole, co-designed with Goodyear, has multiple traction elements.

Its blue stability bars and gray and orange gripping nubs work in concert to keep you grounded throughout your swing. Waterproof full-grain leather envelops your foot like, well, a sock. $95; 866-838-6642 or