Nike Method Matter B2-01 Putter Review: ClubTest 2015

May 26, 2015

Nike Method Matter B2-01 Putter


Category: Blade Putters
Price: $130
35” shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A grooved face insert improves roll and softens feel.



DISTANCE CONTROL: The Method Matter B2-01 makes it simple to dial in distances on longer putts; the grooved face insert imparts great forward roll when contact is solid—limits the surprising hops and skips that lead to dreaded three jacks.
FEEL: It’s easy to make consistent swings with this well-balanced, lighter-weight design; you can tell when you’ve missed, but the soft, responsive insert maintains a cushioned feeling even on off-center contact; feels like the grooved face hangs onto the ball for a brief moment before rolling.
LOOK: A conservative design that hides ample technology; functional Anser-style blade looks elegant in matte black with a red and black face insert; simple, contrasting white alignment line on the flange is very easy to square up.



Not for those after a heavy putter and thick grip to iron-out a wristy stroke; ball skips a little on some off-center hits; there’s not much wrong with it on good contact, but some guys want more excitement and flamboyance in a putter.

BOTTOM LINE: Traditionalists looking for plenty of feel and a tad of forgiveness will be pleased. The stainless steel Method Matter B2-01 conceals its technology in a well-balanced, lightweight package.

BUY THE CLUB: Get your own Nike Method Matter B2-01 Putter

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NEXT REVIEW: Odyssey Works Versa #1 Putter

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