Nike Method Converge Counterflex B1-01 Putter Review: ClubTest 2016

May 17, 2016



CATEGORY: Blade Putters
PRICE: $230
WE TESTED: 38″ length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: A 75-gram sliding weight in the grip can be positioned above, below, or in line with the hands to alter feel.


DISTANCE CONTROL: It makes lag putting feel natural — find a suitable counterbalance setting and the putter seems to swing itself to regulate distance; the face insert and oversize head create a true roll; center hits and slight misses travel about the same distance.
FEEL: Multiple settings offer a customizable feel; substantial head blends nicely with the soft insert to provide finesse on slippery putts; it’s quiet at impact, but there’s enough feedback to know where contact is made; head is stable through the stroke.
LOOK: Oversize head has an extended flange; glare-free, matte black finish contrasts coolly with red, T-shaped alignment lines and techy insert design; easy to set up square on the short putts, while looking nimble for the long ones.


The 38” length can be too cumbersome for some guys; the sliding weight isn’t always easy to lock into place, and finding the best spot for it can be tricky.

BOTTOM LINE: Tinkerers will get a kick out of this one — and some help, too. A movable weight in the grip allows you to choose the feel you want — from head-heavy to head-light.



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