Nike HyperAdapt Carry Bag

April 4, 2016

Nike’s been at the forefront in adjustable woods, putters, and now — golf bags.

The waterproof, polyester HyperAdapt Carry comes standard with four pockets. But that’s just the start. Players can customize the bag with four additional pockets — a cooler pocket, a large cargo pocket, and small and large waterproof pockets — that clip easily onto its frame. And, the cargo pocket can also convert to a single-strap carry bag when you want to take only a few clubs to the course.

The primary stand bag weighs 4.3 pounds (with no extra pockets attached) and checks in at 5.94 pounds when both waterproof pieces are snapped in place, or 5.76 pounds with the large cargo holder and cooler. Players can create up to 10 storage configurations based on weather conditions and needs of the day.

The bag is sturdy enough to strap onto a cart but light and comfortable enough with its double-strap to throw over the shoulders for an easy 18. $350.