Nike Converge S1-12 Putter Review: ClubTest 2015

May 26, 2015

Nike Converge S1-12 Putter


Category: Large Mallet Putters
35″ shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The red, T-shaped alignment aid takes the guesswork out of aiming.



DISTANCE CONTROL: The Converge S1-12 produces plenty of momentum—testers never feel like they have to muscle the ball to get it to the hole; easy to dial in once you get acclimated to the aggressive roll; adequate on longer putts, but best from 10 feet and in; above-average stability on off-center strikes.
FEEL: Testers say it’s consistently firm, regardless of where on the face they make contact; it’s also responsive and solid, with plenty of mass to guide you through the stroke.
LOOK: One of the testers’ favorites; provides a nice profile at address in a slightly smaller head than some high-MOI models; the black finish and red alignment lines have a subtle, refined look—the red color really pops against the darker background.



A few testers get somewhat less precise feedback overall than they want, which can hinder distance control; other guys can’t feel enough of a difference between center hits and slight misses; one or two panelists don’t find it quite as easy to align dead-on as some other models in the test.

BOTTOM LINE: Nike’s big, forgiving Converge S1-12 putter delivers a firm feel at impact, a dependable roll and enough stability when you do miss the center of the clubface.

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NEXT REVIEW: Odyssey Works Versa 2-Ball Fang Putter

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