Nickent 4DX Hybrids

Nickent 4DX Hybrids

Nickent's new low-spin hybrid will help you stop the pop-ups.
Greg Lord

Nickent continues to push the hybrid
category forward with its multi-material
4DX. The 4DX Ironwood, a long-iron
replacement, and 4DX Utility, a
substitute for high-lofted fairway
woods, braze a titanium crown
to a steel body. Swapping a
steel crown for titanium
means 10 grams more
discretionary weight is
spread around the
club’s perimeter to
create more stability.
You’ll see the benefit
on off-center shots.
Tweaking the club’s mass
properties also produces a
more penetrating, low-spin
ball flight than the 3DX DC, the allstainless
holdover. Which makes 4DX
a first-rate option for high-ball hitters
and those who trap it.
$179, steel, $199, graphite;

These indentations give 4DX
a handsome, high-tech
appearance. They minimize turf
drag in heavy grass and are
housings for weight inserts.

4DX Ironwood:
14°, 15.5°, 17°, 18.5°,
20°, 21.5°, 23°,
24.5°, 26° and 29°.
4DX Utility: 13°, 15°,
17°, 19° and 21°.

Each tungstenpolymer
weighs 4 grams.
Nickent will switch
plugs for you to
modify swing
weight and flight.

The 0.4-mm
titanium crown
is three times
lighter than the
stainless steel
one it replaced.