New Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 Iron-Wood

September 12, 2016

Originally introduced in 1999, the Iron-Wood continues to be one of Tour Edge’s most popular models. The latest version features a large, hollow steel head and a thin, variable-thickness forged face for stability and increased ballspeeds. A heavy sole helps to boost launch and forgiveness on shots from a variety of lies. Available in 2 (18°) through LW (60°) with UST Mamiya shaft. The clubs are sold individually or as a full set. $80, each; $500, seven-piece set.

The company also has a trial offer in case you’re not certain that an Iron-Wood is for you. For $40, you can get a #6 (like a six-iron) with either men’s or ladies’ shaft. The club can be returned within 30 days for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.