New Titleist 4UP StaDry Stand Golf Bag

March 4, 2016

Looking to re-start your fitness resolutions for 2016? Picking up Titleist’s new 4Up StaDry bag could provide the motivation to walk the links and make strides toward your goals.

The company’s lightest stand bag ever clocks in at 3.5 pounds, thanks in part to a new lightweight stand mechanism with durable aluminum legs and a water-resistant EVA (plastic) base. Plus, the bag features a waterproof nylon shell with four pockets to protect clubs and valuables on wet days.

A cushioned hip area and foam-padded straps — single and double straps are available — should limit fatigue while racking up miles on the course.

The 4UP StaDry bag comes with a three-way divider and is offered in black/red, charcoal/orange, charcoal/lime and navy/blue for $245.

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