New Shafts

February 21, 2007

There’s so much happening in shafts these days. Companies like Royal Precision, True Temper and UST have cooked-up breakthrough designs while adding subtle, yet significant, modifications to existing models. Here’s a sampling of the latest and greatest.

Royal Precision
Project X High It’s got a longer tip section than the company’s popular Project X. Result: The X High produces a higher ball flight and increased spin for mid- to high handicappers who’d benefit from a lighter weight shaft.

Precision N-Gen (Next Generation) This combo iron set has lightweight Micro-taper steel and high modulus graphite. Result: Mid- and short irons are lightweight steel, for a tight dispersion pattern. Graphite long irons contribute to added length and higher flight.

True Temper
Black Gold The firm says this is the first frequency-designed iron shaft to have precise weight, wall thickness, taper rate and balance point. Result: Black Gold delivers a low to mid-ball flight preferred by stronger players and low handicappers.

Dynalite Gold SL Now there are two options in the SL (SuperLite) series-Dynalite Gold SL and Dynamic Gold SL. Result: Dynalite Gold SL has a more flexible tip, to launch the ball higher for improved carry. Dynamic Gold SL delivers a lower, penetrating ball flight.

Proforce V2 This second-generation Proforce Gold shaft has a low torque profile for oversize driver heads. The V2 comes in 55-, 65-, 75-, 85- and 95-gram models in both .335 and .350 tip. Result: The tip section is more flexible for a higher launch and more ball speed; lower torque stabilizes the head at impact to boost forgiveness and limit energy loss.

Frequency Filtered Putter Shaft UST and Balance Certified Golf combined forces on this one. The shaft melds a steel tip section with graphite butt (same material is in UST IROD hybrid shafts). And there’s a filtering device that connects the steel and graphite. Result: Certain vibration frequencies go up the shaft. But the filter blocks other frequency ranges, producing a distinct feel.

Rob Sauerhaft is the Managing Editor of Equipment for GOLF MAGAZINE. E-mail him your questions and comments at [email protected]

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