New Golf Training Aids to Improve Your Game

July 8, 2016

Summer is a great time to get your game back on track. These three new training aids are designed to do just that, whether you’re looking to improve your setup, groove a powerful, more consistent swing, or hole more putts.


This straightforward aid for honing your setup consists of three telescoping rods that unfold into a “T” shape. Simply place the arm of the “T” on the ground inside your ball and parallel to the target line, and align your feet and body to it. Two plastic balls on either end of the smaller rod that sits perpendicular to your line provide an easy reference for ball position. Sure, you can position clubs or alignment sticks on the grass to use the same way, but the HackersRx sets itself apart by being easy to set up and store in your golf bag.

Hot Shot Putting Cup

Golfers who love hoops should get a kick out of the Hot Shot Putting Cup. Sinking “baskets” in the miniature rim is a fun way to practice in your home or office. Challenge yourself or friends to games, such as the on-court favorite H.O.R.S.E. Several other games, along with rules, are listed on the company’s website. Plus, the C-shaped ramp has a two-inch cutout behind the backboard that you can roll putts through for more conventional practice.


Lengthen, strengthen, and train your swing with this clever device, short for the “Most Important Stretch in Golf.” To use, simply strap the Velcro cuff with one end of the tension band to the left elbow (right for lefties), grip the bottom of the bar with the left hand, and use the right hand to push a sliding handle with the other end of the tension band. The backswing-like movement stretches the shoulders, back, and hips, while keeping the left arm straight and encouraging a proper wrist hinge. The MISIG includes three bands of different lengths to customize tension level.