New Game Enhancing Irons

New Game Enhancing Irons

This sleek batch of game-enhancement irons delivers the responsiveness of blades with a welcome hint of forgiveness.

Maybe you don’t knock down the stinkin’ flag every time you swing an iron, but you do have a handful of makeable birdie putts each round. In other words, you’ve got game. If that’s the case, one of these better-player models just might help you shave a stroke or two off your index. These beauties offer the control and precision that you expect with something you might not expect: forgiveness. Game on. Hogan’s new Apex has more weight lower in the head than its current Blade; mass is distributed more evenly across the face. That means you get a muscleback club that forgives your thin hits, enhances playability and launches it a little higher off the long irons. For the first time, Apex Blades come standard with Dynamic Gold or Rifle shafts. The venerable Apex shaft is available in custom orders.
$1,080 (steel); 866-834-6532,

Ben Hogan Apex Blade

Bridgestone J33 Forged Cavity Back

The J33 long irons have a deeper cavity and more forgiveness, while the short irons serve up more muscle and control, leaving flagsticks everywhere ducking for cover. The center of gravity progresses from the heel in the long irons to the toe in the short sticks, so you’ll find it easier to square uncooperative 3-irons and will be less likely to shut your clubface with the short irons.
$899 (steel); 800-358-6319,

Srixon I-506

If you have a trusty iron game, but still search for a higher trajectory and a more piercing ball flight, the extra weight in the bottom of these clubfaces may hold the answer. This well-placed muscle creates a low and deep center of gravity and a high launch angle to help get the ball airborne toot sweet. And the narrow profile and thin topline will appeal to those who prefer the classic look of an old-school blade.
$999 (steel); 888-477-4966,

Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tour Blade

The latest blades in the Silver Scot line feature muscleback mass in the bottom of the clubface. What does this mean? You’ll get more lift and higher trajectory than with ordinary blades. Tommy Armour also offers Silver Scot cavity backs with the same center of gravity location as its blades. This uniformity allows you to piece together a mixed set that best suits your game. What does that mean? More skins for you.
$839 (steel); 800-723-4653,

Yonex Cyberstar Forged CB

A bridge attaching the top of the cavity to the bottom reduces torque at impact and creates more pop. You’ll see a stronger ball flight, particularly on off-center hits. The long irons offer a wider sole and thin clubface, which lowers the center of gravity for more lift and forgiveness. The short irons have a slimmer sole and thicker face, to provide spin, accuracy and trouble for your opponent.
$1,040 (steel); 800-44-YONEX,