New FJ Freestyle Shoes: Free Movement Plus Traction

January 22, 2016

The newest model from the biggest name in golf shoes is aimed at players looking for extreme mobility and comfort with maximum traction.

Called Freestyle ($190 standard, $210 Boa), the new FJ shoe is a result of testing that indicates that while some players benefit from traditionally structured shoes, a lot of others are able to create more power with a shoe design that allows more freedom of movement through the swing without sacrificing overall traction.

“FreeStyle is arguably FootJoy’s most imaginative and distinctive shoe ever and will particularly help golfers who would benefit from increased freedom of movement when swinging the golf club,” said Doug Robinson, FJ Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. “By drawing inspiration from a tree frog and emulating their incredible grip and flexibility properties in the texture and functional elements of an outsole, our design and development team has created something truly unique in the golf shoe market.”

The key technology in the Freestyle is F.R.O.G.S., a unique gripping system that’s comprised of very soft translucent rubber, Softspikes Pulsar low-profile cleats, and a soft midsole material that adds additional cushioning. The combination of these three key elements provides tremendous traction as well as exceptional comfort and mobility during the swing.

Other features of the Freestyle shoe includes lightweight mesh uppers for breathability and comfort, an Achilles pad and instep grip for maximum slip resistance and improved fit, and the option of a BOA lacing system for those desiring an even more exacting fit.

FJ Freestyle shoes will be available at retail February 12.

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