New Drivers from Nassau, MacGregor and Tour Edge

New Drivers from Nassau, MacGregor and Tour Edge

We like to imagine we could take our love handles and transplant them onto our biceps so we could flex at the beach and smash 350-yard drives. But the engineers at MacGregor, Tour Edge and Nassau don't just fantasize about weight redistribution — they really do it.

MacGregor MacTec NVG2 Tour

This 445 cc thunderbolt is suited for fast-swinging low-handicappers. Its razor-thin, 4 millimeter beta titanium crown is 60 percent lighter than standard crowns. That means extra weight gets shifted lower to produce low-spinning drives. The "cup face" design delivers a more potent and larger hitting area. Four tungsten weights in the heel, toe and rear–totaling 17 grams–help bring stability when your swing goes haywire. This handsome head is attached to a Fujikura Speeder shaft, called Quadra Action. A complementary driver (no, not a free one), called the MacTec NVG2, is built for average players.
$449; 800-841-4358,

Nassau Cavity Back Wood

At first glance, this stick raises a lot of questions. The 350 cc titanium head looks gimmicky–it bears a passing resemblance to Pacman–but it conforms to the rules and it works. Weight is spread toward the fins in the heel and toe while the center of gravity (CG) is positioned more toward the face than in many competitors' woods. The result is a rock-solid head through impact that straightens out your foul balls. In fact, it takes a lot of English to produce even a little bit of curve. There's a rich, deep crack at impact and balls sail on a penetrating, flat flight (no ballooners here). Mis-hits are discernible with the eyes but not with the hands.
$395 to $500; 800-783-7775,

Tour Edge Exotics

A forged beta titanium face is laser-bonded to the head. This intricate process is used instead of typical face welding. The payoff for you is more liveliness across a larger portion of the face. In addition, the wafer-like beta-titanium crown is just 15 grams. Weight that's removed from the crown gets distributed to the sole and the perimeter to help you get the ball up easier. It should lead to freer, more aggressive rips because the head will forgive your swing sins. (For other sins, contact your local priest.) Exotics drivers come standard with Aldila NV, Fujikura Launch 55 or Graphite Design YS shafts.
$399; 800-515-3343,