Mizuno MP-58 Irons

Mizuno MP-58 Irons


From Golf Magazine ClubTest (March 2010)

Category: Better-Player Irons
We tested: 3-PW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft

Company line: “During our patented Grain Flow Forging process we forge
titanium into the outer muscle of the iron. This unique design enhances
perimeter weighting while maintaining the feel normally associated with
our forged blades. The outcome is an iron with the playability of a blade
and enhanced forgiveness.”

PROS: Tops for feel and look; one of the most workable cavity backs;
more forgiving than past Mizuno muscleback blades with comparable
performance; boring trajectory cuts through wind and provides
outstanding accuracy; fantastic touch around the greens; technology is
evident but not in your face; several panelists said they’d buy it.

CONS: Not quite as soft and smooth at impact as pure Mizuno musclebacks;
long irons can be a bit challenging to hit, even for more accomplished
players; you must be precise with these thin-soled clubs from rough.

From Sports Illustrated Golf+ Equipment Issue (February 8, 2010)
“This is the first multimaterial forged iron that Mizuno has created in the U.S. With the breakthrough Dual Muscle Titanium technology, we were able to forge a high-tech titanium into the outer muscle without using any adhesives or welding. We’ve maintained the soft, solid, consistent feel that MP iron players have come to expect, while also taking playability in an MP iron to a new technological level.” — David Llewellyn, golf club R-and-D manager

$999-$1,199, steel mizunousa.com

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From Golf Magazine (December 2009)
Like all Mizuno forgings, the MP-58’s are Grain Flow Forged from “Pure Select” carbon steel. Here, however, 11 grams of titanium is pressed into the head to create an outer muscle that significantly improves forgiveness on off-center hits. In other words, these slick-looking irons are designed to provide the feel and playability of traditional Mizuno blades with added game-enhancing characteristics. The pleasing impact sound is the result of Mizuno’s “modal analysis” technology.

From The Shop Blog
The new MP-58 irons were designed to combine the forgiveness of a full cavity back with the workability, feel and compact size of a classic muscleback.

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