ClubTest 2014: Mizuno JPX EZ Hybrids

May 1, 2014

Mizuno JPX EZ Hybrids
Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $190
16°, 19°, 22° and 25° with Fujikura Orochi Black Eye graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The onset design gets the leading edge under the ball. The deep-faced, 127 cc head is a good option on the tee box.

Easy to use from almost anywhere on the course; consistent trajectory gets the ball up and out of the rough but chases down the fairway from the tee.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Expect straight and steady shots; consistent results across a wide swath of the face; tight dispersion overall.
DISTANCE: Same or better than most testers’ own clubs; shots hit the ground screaming and tend to run; reliable yardages make these easy to match to the gaps in your set.
FEEL: Muted at impact, with a satisfying chime through the ball; head-heavy weighting helps most testers track the club throughout the swing.
LOOK: Top-tier looks at address with sharp styling on an athletic shape; matte black finish adds a little menace, while the shaft’s orange accents don’t seem to distract most testers.

The club is unable or unwilling to negotiate most draws and fades; to several testers, impact feels muffled, with minimal feedback and little spark; hot landings struggle to hold shallow greens; a couple of guys could do without the Halloween color scheme.

BOTTOM LINE: Steady and stylish, with workmanlike results across the board. It picks up bonus points for an elegant appearance and an overall blend of forgiveness and accuracy.

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