Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Review: ClubTest 2015

March 5, 2015

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons


Category: Game-Improvement Irons
Price: $1,000, steel
4–GW with True Temper XP 115 steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Boron, which is lighter and 30 percent stronger than carbon steel, contributes to a thinner, livelier face.



PLAYABILITY: Probably the most versatile iron in the test; a high, piercing flight that most panelists can tweak up or down at will; more maneuverable than its burlier peers; leading edge carves out a nice divot from nearly any lie and can also rip through rough and manhandle bunkers.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: More lenient than your typical better-player iron, more precise than its fellow game-improvement clubs; good support on toe contact and thin shots; corrects heel-toe misses—holds its line with commendable integrity.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Honest distance that keeps up with the best; picks up a few yards over last year’s JPX-EZ Forged; no unwelcome surprises—clean on knockdowns and three-quarter shots; plenty of spin to hold greens; responds well at high speeds.
FEEL: Lives up to the Mizuno hallmark; resonant smack at impact—blasts through the ball with full, fluid feedback; some say crisper than previous iterations, but soft enough to make touch shots a snap; short irons bite into the ball.
LOOK: Clean, concise and agile, an ideal balance between sleek and powerful; a thinner topline with less offset than most but weight in all the right places to boost confidence.



Requires a repeatable swing, since it swaps some ease-of-use for feel and workability; could be the boron added to the mix, but a few guys say it feels harder than its predecessor; too small for testers who like to lean on an idiot-proof club.

BOTTOM LINE: The consensus favorite in our test. It walks the line between game-improvement and better-player irons with remarkably few compromises.

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From Golf.com, September 23, 2014

The JPX 850 Forged, which targets 6- to 16-handicappers, features a new material called 1025MCS boron. While 1025E carbon steel is a proven winner that delivers a great-feeling forged iron, adding boron to the mix creates an alloy that’s 30 percent stronger. This means the head can be forged with a thinner face and deeper cavity. The result: added face flex and longer, more consistent distance. Company tests show 3 percent faster ball speeds, which adds up to as much as one full club. The construction saves weight, too, letting Mizuno move an extra 20 grams to the perimeter. This creates a 5 percent higher MOI than in its predecessor, the JPX 825 Pro. — Rob Sauerhaft

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