Mizuno JPX-850 Driver Review: ClubTest 2015

February 5, 2015

Mizuno JPX-850 Driver


Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $399
9.5° (adjusts 7.5° to 11.5°) with Fujikura Orochi graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Two eight-gram weights move along a central track or in the heel and toe, creating 10 ball-flight settings.



DISTANCE: Boring trajectory that hits the ground running; little distance loss on bad swings but little gained on good ones; middle-of-the-pack driver, but more than adequate.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Some testers report standout forgiveness for a smaller head, while others struggle to find the sweet spot; excellent accuracy, seemingly rotating the ball back into play by itself.
FEEL: Impressive at impact—thick and percussive rather than springy or metallic; a well-weighted, heavyish, stable head; old-school, instructive feedback lets you know how you did.
PLAYABILITY: One of the better options—a tinkerer’s dream; you can set up the head for any shot you care to play and see immediate results; high, low and everything in between, with a little right/left maneuverability.
LOOK: A surprise stud—for several panelists the best-looking club in the bunch; a hittable, compact profile with standout blue color scheme and styling that hides the toys under the hood.



Even after adjustments, a few testers struggle to get the right amount of spin; not quite a shotmaker’s driver—most manipulation comes from the pre-shot tweaks; feedback doesn’t pull any punches and can be too frank; a few guys prefer a jumpier feel at impact.

BOTTOM LINE: A good-looking club for confident ballstrikers who prize feel over power. Innovative adjustability and strong across-the-board results make this an intriguing new direction for Mizuno.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: Smaller head for players seeking lower launch and spin. Two sole weights in the center, heel or toe change shot shape and spin, the latter by 400 to 500 rpm. Launch – Low; Spin – Low

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From the November 2015 Issue of Golf Magazine

Mizuno’s MP-600 driver was one of the first woods to feature moveable weights. Now, six years later, the shiny blue JPX-850 addresses the art of adjustability in an elegant manner. The updated “Fast Track” weighting mechanism consists of two removable 8-gram tungsten chips that fit into five ports — three in a row straight back from the clubface, to alter spin rate, and individual ports in the heel and toe for draw/fade bias. In all, there are 10 settings to help you find a preferred setup.

For example, using two of the three middle ports can move the CG significantly closer to or further away from the clubface, which affects spin by as much as 281 rpm. This simple shift has a big effect on ball flight, changing the height of your drives by as much as 12 feet up or down. Or, if you’re looking for a specific shot shape, you can use one weight along the center track and the second weight in the heel or toe slot to create fade or draw bias within a 19-yard differential. The company’s “rebound crown” technology, first seen in the JPX-EZ driver in 2013, creates more flexibility across the titanium 8-1-1 face to enhance ball speeds on shots struck high or low on the face. The club’s adjustable hosel enables you to change loft in 1° increments — the 9.5° head goes as low as 7.5° or as high as 11.5° — and to tweak lie angle between standard and 3° upright for draw bias. Loft: 9.5°. Available now.

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