Mizuno JPX 850 and JPX 850 Forged irons designed to boost distance and forgiveness

Mizuno JPX 850 and JPX 850 Forged irons designed to boost distance and forgiveness

Mizuno's new JPX 850 and JPX 850 Forged irons will be available at retail stores on Sept. 19

Mizuno’s new JPX 850 ($799) and JPX 850 Forged ($1,000) irons are both designed to provide a variety of performance benefits including big-time distance.

The JPX 850, which follows in the footsteps of the previous JPX 825 and JPX EZ, is built with an extremely strong Hot Metal face insert with multiple thicknesses to provide what Mizuno reps say is the highest COR of any iron made today. A new pocket design that reaches deep into the sole and high into the upper area of the clubhead incrementally expands the COR area vertically on the clubface to provide faster ball speeds across the entire face.

To go along with higher ball speeds, the JPX 850 also features enhanced forgiveness due to a “Max MOI Pocket,” which is a back cavity that creates a lower sweet spot (where most recreational players make contact) by featuring more mass in a low and deep area of the clubhead. This design feature also produces higher launch angles and lower spin rates, both key characteristics for maximum distance. 

Other features of the JPX 850 include a new “Power Frame,” design that reinforces the cavity for better feel, and an improved acoustical badge in the cavity that provides a powerful, solid sound at impact. Improved playability is provided by a redesigned Triple Cut sole with relieved areas in the heel and toe areas for smoother turf interaction and faster speed through the turf. A two-tone chrome plated finish provides the traditional look normally associated with Mizuno irons, even those that don’t feature forged construction. 

The JPX 850 Forged is made using Mizuno’s patented Grain Flow Forging technique, but instead of carbon steel, it’s created using boron. This significant material change provides approximately 30 percent more strength with less weight, allowing for a thinner clubface and higher COR for added ball speed and distance.

The use of boron also allows for a CNC-milled pocket in the lower portion of the clubhead, which increases rebound and COR low on the clubface. Because Boron is lighter than steel, added weight is redistributed to the heel and toe areas of the clubhead, creating a larger effective hitting area and increased MOI for added stability and forgiveness.

Like the JPX 850, the 850 Forged also features a reinforced “Power Frame” and new acoustical badge, the combination of which improves sound and feel at impact. A triple cut sole with beveled leading and trailing edges reduces turf drag and improves workability from a variety of lies and turf conditions.

Nickel chrome plating gives the JPX 850 the look fans of Mizuno forgings love with added durability. According to Mizuno reps this is the longest one-piece forged iron the company has ever produced. 

Both the JPX 850 and JPX 850 Forged will be available at retail on Sept. 19. 

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