Mizuno’s MP-H4 Irons

Mizuno’s MP-H4 irons
Schecter Lee

From GOLF Magazine (September, 2012)
Mizuno’s MP-H4 is the latest “tweener” to straddle the line between “game-enhancement” irons for better players and “game-improvement” clubs for average Joes. The concept is a simple one: Pump up the forgiveness level in long and mid-irons while maintaining a somewhat classic look and feel, and combine it with handsome, sweet feeling scoring irons. One design key: The long and mid-irons (2 to 7) have hollow heads. The two-piece construction—a stainless steel back shell is plasma-welded to a “grain flow” forged face and hosel—shifts extra mass low and rearward to create a higher moment of inertia, lower center of gravity and higher-flying shots. In addition, the 2- to 4-irons have “L face” construction, which allows the clubface to flex more for greater power (and distance). By contrast, the 8-PW are one-piece “grain flow” forged carbon steel clubheads, with little offset and just a hint of built-in forgiveness.
$1,100, steel