Miura Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back Irons

Miura Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back Irons
Courtesy of Miura

Miura Golf, makers of some of the most beautiful forged irons in the world, now offers the new Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back model.

Featuring a compact blade design and medium-sized cavity with a progressively sized weight bar behind the hitting area, the CB57 provides ample perimeter weighting along with enhanced sound and feel. The weight bar in the cavity also functions to keep the CG of each iron low, but changes slightly throughout the set to optimize performance from a variety of distances. Other features of the CB57 irons include a narrow top line for a clean look at address, a sole design that provides improved turf interaction, and, of course, premium forged carbon steel construction. 

"The CB57 design was percolating in the minds of the Miura family for some time," said Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf. "We were anxious for it to be ready, but it has a lot of technology in that beautiful forged package. So the Miuras wanted to make sure it was absolutely right before we released it. Now, we feel confident we can meet demand in a limited edition."

The Miura CB57 irons ($275 per club, custom fitted and built) are available at authorized Miura dealers/fitters. For more information visit www.miuragolf.com.

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