MacGregor MacTec NVG Fairway Woods

MacGregor MacTec NVG Fairway Woods

MacGregor’s 21st-century renaissance looks a strong bet to continue with MacTec NVG fairway woods. There’s plenty of technology to go with the classic styling. NVGs bring together a stainless-steel body, beta-titanium face, titanium hosel and tungsten plugs. The result: a stable clubhead that produces high-launching, low-spin shots with impressive carry. $300; 800-841-4358 or

The inside scoop

The “Triple-Action” graphite shaft has three distinct flex zones and thus two distinct flex points. It’s firmest in the middle and softest near the head, a design geared to increase swing speed through the hitting zone.

The hard, light and lively beta-titanium “cup face”–shaped like a cup turned on its side–enlarges the effective hitting area and boosts power. The use of titanium saves 25 grams versus stainless steel.

Those 25 grams reappear in the form of four fixed tungsten weights. A pair of 10-gram sole plugs shift weight low for that high launch, and two 2.5-gram weights in the extreme toe and heel help steady the head on mis-hits.