Kevin Streelman to Debut Wilson Staff Triton DVD Driver

January 18, 2017

Kevin Streelman, who sat in as a judge on Golf Channel’s and Wilson Golf’s reality series Driver Vs. Driver, is all set to rip the winning Triton DVD at this week’s CareerBuilder Challenge.

“This is a super high launch, low spin driver which for me is very sexy,” the two-time PGA Tour winner told me shortly after the series finale. “I struggle with spinning the ball too much, so to knock a dramatic amount of the spin off the club is huge. For me, that’s going to add a lot more distance, especially on firmer fairways and in tough conditions on the PGA Tour.”

The Triton DVD comes with a kit that includes two soleplates (a 22-gram titanium plate and 9-gram carbon fiber one) and four moveable weights (two 2-gram screws and two 6-gram screws). In addition, there’s an adjustable hosel to tune ball flight, along with the ability to customize length, grip size and shaft on the company’s website. Streelman will be gaming a 9° head and carbon fiber soleplate for a slightly lower launch and less spin, with 6-gram weights positioned in the back and heel and a 2-gram weight in the toe.

You might recall that the Triton DVD — which earned designer Eric Sillies a cool $500,000 — was placed on the USGA’s non-conforming list in the 10.5° and 12° lofts shortly after the series’ finale. The full line has since been modified to be legal for play.