Kentwool’s Election-Inspired Politico Golf Socks

September 8, 2016

It’s election time in America, and if you’re a golfer who likes your attire to reflect your political affiliation Kentwool has a new sock you might like. The new 19th Hole Politico socks ($19.99/pair) are available in three designs in Republican Red complete with the Elephant symbol, Democrat Blue with the Donkey, and of course a third party option that features an American Flag design.

“With all of the dirty laundry that has surfaced about candidates on both sides of the aisle, we thought Americans would relish something clean, odor-free and stain resistant this election season,” said Dan Murphy, president of Kentwool.

The new Kentwool Politico socks are made from a proprietary blend of Merino wool and other natural performance fibers. They will be available on September 12th exclusively at and will come in men’s L and XL sizes.