Ian Poulter and Boo Weekley's clothing lines and styles

Ian Poulter and Boo Weekley’s clothing lines and styles

Poulter's look is inspired by the Scottish tradition of tartan plaids, while Weekley's clothing line showcases his love of the outdoors.
Simon Bruty/SI

The greats of the game —
from Arnold Palmer and Jack
Nicklaus to Greg Norman
and Tiger Woods — have
their own fashion collections, usually
designed to reflect the style and spirit
of the legend they embody. More
recently, several colorful players have
had specific clothing looks built around
them. Camilo Villegas, for example, has
been the poster boy for the avant-garde
athletic looks of Swedish designer J.
Lindeberg. Other players — such as Ian
Poulter (Ian Poulter Design), and Boo
Weekley, whose Boo by Firethorn Tour
collection debuted this summer — have
started their own individualistic lines.
These collections are good examples
of how what you wear on the course —
and off — should reflect who you are.

Weekley is an avid hunter, and his
fondness for camouflage fabrics such as
Mossy Oak is evident in the design of
his golf shirts, pullovers and caps. Like
the specialized hunting gear they are
based on, the garments are breathable,
quick drying and antimicrobial.

Poulter tends to take a more
fashion-forward approach, although
his look is rooted in the history of
the game and the Scottish tradition

of tartan plaids. Every season, his
Ian Poulter Design studio produces
a full collection of shirts, trousers,
sweaters, visors, and specialty belts
(the example shown on the left is a
limited-edition belt with a stylized
“IJP” — for Ian James Poulter —
buckle set in Swarvoski crystals), in
addition to introducing three new
custom tartans.

Poulter, by the way, is the only golfer
in the 2009 Sports Illustrated PGA Tour
Player Survey who appears on both the
“best” and “worst” dressed lists. But
don’t let that dissuade you — dressing
like Ian Poulter is probably not for the
fashion faint-of-heart.