How to Tweak Your Driver to Fix a Slice

Despite a picture-perfect swing, your typical tee ball bananas into the woods. One option: Take two weeks off, then quit. But tweaking your big dog is a better idea. Here are five simple fixes that can help stamp out your slice:

1. Lead tape on the heel
The added weight helps close the clubface during the swing.

2. More flexible shaft
Makes it easier to close the face at impact (though players with a quick transition form backswing to downswing may require stiffer shafts, not softer ones).

3. Shorter shaft
Forty-five inches is a lot of shaft. Going shorter can boost control, since you might hit the sweetspot more often.

4. Thinner grip
Lets your hands rotate more easily through impact–as long as you don’t put a chokehold on the club in response.

5. Offset head
Designed specifically to fight slices–check out the Cleveland Sport OS, Cobra SZ 400 Offset and Tour Edge Bazooka OS. Many non-offset drivers use draw-biased weighting and/or closed faces for the same purpose.