How to look trim on the golf course

How to look trim on the golf course

Phil Mickelson in a Callaway X-series mock turtleneck and flat-front performance pants.
Sam Greenwood/

Do Wear …

… clothes without much contrast. A monochrome outfit presents an unbroken line from top to bottom, which makes you look slender.

… shirts with stand-up collars, rather than the typical knit polo collar, which lies flat. A stronger collar offsets a full face.

… shirts with vertical lines.

… cardigans. They can be buttoned or zipped to draw eyes from your waist.

… flat-front pants (which are slimming) or pleated (which can offset love handles). Try both to see what looks best.

Don’t Wear …

… form-fitting clothes.

… clothes that emphasize top and bottom, such as a white shirt and dark pants.

… bright colors. Medium to dark are most slimming.

… your trousers below the waistline, with your paunch hanging over.

… cuffed trousers. The aim is to elongate.

… horizontal-patterned shirts. Patterns generally are dangerous unless they are small and subdued.

… chunky or “loud” belts. They cut your silhouette in half and emphasize your waistline.

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