High-End Putters

February 19, 2007

Even if you don't have a closet filled with putters, you can appreciate that feeling when you just can't miss on the greens. Admittedly, the beauties here are priced for the rich and famous, but each one offers exacting design features that will have you doing the rumba on the dance floor. Maybe it's time to cash in that jar full of change on your nightstand–you can use the money to buy gas to drive to the store to buy one of these putters!

Guerin Rife – Two Bar

Do-it-yourselfers will get a kick out of the Two Bar. Find your preferred head feel by inserting six removable plugs–a pair of 22.5-gram, 17.5 gram or 12.5-gram weights. You also can bend the lie angle–a tool is included–to help direction control. The grooved face improves roll while parallel bars form a useful sightline. $199; 800-493-1421 or guerinrife.com

Scotty Cameron By Titleist – Studio Style

Titleist's latest stroke savers will delight your senses with crisp, soft feedback. Four heel-toe weighted models have stainless steel heads and special German-import stainless steel face inserts (feels and sounds softer than .regular stainless). The inlay floats in an elastomer ring and is attached to a vibration pad. The three-layered hitting area enhances feel and acoustics. $300; 888-TITLEIST or titleist.com

Ben Hogan By Bettinardi – SS Series BHB5

The entire head (including the hosel) is painstakingly machined from a single block of stainless steel. The payoff is an instrument that offers a silky smooth feel even with modern hard golf balls. A striking Honeycomb finish on the face ensures a consistently flat hitting surface. $500; 866-834-6532 or benhogan.com

Never Compromise – Milled Series

Four milled carbon steel heads have their center of gravity positioned directly in line with the middle directional line. (This occurs in fewer clubs than you might think.) Never Compromise achieves this by adding 11 grams of tungsten to the toe. The weight dispersal, in Milled Series 1, limits head twist on off-center strikes. $255; 800-999-6263 or nevercompromise.com

Nike Blue Chip – OZT160

Forty-eight percent of the club's total weight is consolidated rearward in a 160-gram tungsten plug. Nike's putter designers believe the weighting scheme reduces skid and improves roll. The milled, face-balanced head .nearly glows with a vibrant blue aluminum insert that's 73 percent softer than stainless steel. $139; 888-799-6453 or nikegolf.com