Guide to golf grips on the market today

Guide to golf grips on the market today


Michael Chwasky, deputy managing editor (instruction and equipment) at Golf Magazine, tells you about the grips on the market today – what they’re made of, what they do and who they’re for.


Lamkin’s proprietary 3GEN rubber compound, combined with the company’s N-DUR traction-enhancing dual-surface design, promotes less tension while reducing slippage and hand fatigue.

Performance Plus w/3GEN
Made with 3GEN, a proprietary synthetic rubber developed by Lamkin to be both soft and tacky without absorbing any moisture. A slightly larger size combines with the 3GEN material to provide better comfort and stability through the swing.

Performance Plus
Designed for the better player, the Performance Plus features unique dimensions for the upper and lower hands as well as a unique surface pattern.

Lamkin’s top selling grip is made with a proprietary rubber compound that provides tackiness and durability, while the classic surface pattern reduces torque for the high-level player. Available in a variety of sizes as well as cord.

Crossline Tour
Developed on the PGA Tour, this model features a softer rubber compound for improved feel and tackiness. Available in multiple colors, sizes, as well as cord.

This unique putter grip is available in three sizes, including Mega-Lite oversize, which weighs only 86 grams. Players can use this oversize model to restrict the use of their wrists during the stroke without negatively affecting the swingweight of the putter.


Available in Firm, Medium, and Soft models, the WinnLite grips shift the balance point of the club downward for increased launch angle and a higher ballflight. The WinnLite Firm is made with Winn’s new PolyCord material, while the Medium and Soft models are made with Winn’s V17 material.

Designed for players who put a premium on control, the PCi is made with a combination of Winn’s V17 polymer material and cord for a firm feel.

Made with better players in mind, the PCi TL provides a firm and comfortable feel with a high level of response. Strong durability and all-weather performance are a plus.

PCi Hybrid
This multi-material grip is constructed from both V17 polymer and V17 Polycord. Horizontally positioned PolyCord in the thumb area helps prevent slippage during the swing, while vertically positioned cord underneath the grip reduces torque.

Designed with direct feedback from Butch Harmon and Natalie Gulbis, the Xi7 is aimed at players with medium-to-high swingspeeds. Made from a slightly firmer version of the V17 material with a highly textured feel.

Medallist Pistol
Winn’s most popular tour, OEM and aftermarket putter grip, the Medallist is both soft and tacky. Available in a variety of colors and textures.


Tour Wrap 2G
One of the most popular models in the Golf Pride lineup is redesigned to provide enhanced tackiness and an even softer feel. Available in a range of sizes and colors including red, white, and black, the Tour Wrap 2G provides the look and feel of leather at a more affordable price.

New Decade MultiCompound
Available in purple, white, red, sky blue, blue, yellow, orange, and green, the New Decade MultiCompound places high-performance rubber in the lower hand and cord in the upper hand for a combination of feel and stability.

A technically advanced grip that features a firm core and a soft exterior to provide both comfort and performance. Made for the full spectrum of players, the DD2 comes in blue, red, and white.

Tour Velvet BCT
One of the most popular grips on Tour now comes with Brushed Cotton Technology, which offers the same enhanced grip and all-weather performance as traditional cord but with a much softer feel. Available in a variety of colors.

Tour Velvet
This extraordinarily popular grip features a unique rubber blend compound and computer-designed, non-slip pattern for the ultimate in playability and comfort. Available in ribbed, round, jumbo, midsize, and undersize.

V-RAD Optik
Features include Advanced Composite Rubber, a textured surface for control and enhanced feel, and bold graphics.


Tour Leather
Made from full grain, drum milled, natural leather, this model is softer than rubber but still on the firm side. Available in mocha, black, and mahogany colors, and in regular and shock-resistant designs. Putter grips available as well.

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