Grip It to Rip It

Grip It to Rip It

New grips for 2011
Schecter Lee

Your grips are probably the
mostoverlooked part of your equipment, which is surprising when you
consider they’re the only part of your clubs that you touch. So it
makes sense to pay attention to what grips
you’re getting when you buy new clubs or re-gripping your old ones.
It’s also another reason to get custom-fit, too, as you’ll have your
pick of what material (rubber, cord or synthetic), size, style and
brand of grip you want.

Here’s a look at several new
grips for 2011 from major
brands that should be available in your local golf stores and pro
shops. (All prices listed are per grip)

Depth Rubber (VDR)

The VDR features three depths of surface texture to provide solid
traction and comfort in all weather conditions. The material minimizes
vibrations (30 percent less than standard rubber grips, according to
one study) to allow for more comfort. Available in three
sizes—standard, midsize and undersize—and four
colors—black, red, blue and white. $5

New Decade

This hybrid is the fastest growing grip on the PGA Tour, according to
Golf Pride. It fuses together two different materials—black
velvet cord in the upper hand (typically the gloved hand) and a soft,
high-performance rubber in the lower—to deliver a combination
of firm traction, comfort and responsiveness. Available in eight
different colors. $8.50

Diarrow 2.3

The Japanese manufacturer’s first cord offering in the U.S. is composed
of five thin layers of rubber and fiber to deliver a very soft feel and
excellent traction. The outer layer is made of soft rubber and the
inner layers microfiber and firm rubber. The microfiber layers help to
reduce torque while the firm rubber inner core works as an adhesive to
limit twisting. $15

Sticky Opus 2
The Sticky series grip is made with a specially formulated dense
elastomer material which is white, so that allows IOMIC to color it
easily into a vast array of options. The Opus 2 uses a marble coloring
process to
add a little flair to its Sticky 1.8 grips, the lightest and softest in
IOMIC’s product line. $19

with 3GEN

A revised surface area patterned after Lamkin’s most popular grip on
Tour (the Crossline), exposes more of the company’s proprietary 3GEN
synthetic rubber compound to your hands to produce an unparalleled
tacky, soft feel. The 3GEN material does not absorb any moisture and
thus maintains a high level of tackiness; it also mutes vibration to
reduce stinging on impact, without compromising feel. R.E.L. are the
initials for former Lamkin president Robert E. Lamkin. Its minimal
surface pattern design creates the maximum grip surface area for your
hands, making the grip easy to hold and control. Available in black
with a white butt cap. $7.99

Rubber Grips

Available in white, red, blue, lime green and other colors, these
100-percent rubber grips are said to maintain their tackiness for up to
12 months (most lose theirs after 3-6 months). PURE guarantees this or
they will replace them for free. PURE’s proprietary rubber formula does
not include any fillers or plasticizers, making their grips more
resistant to rain, humidity and sweaty palms than others that use these
non-rubber elements. In the most wet or humid conditions, a quick wipe
with a dry towel is all you need to get your grips ready for play.


These camouflage green and khaki-colored grips (right) honor
our country’s
brave men and women in the Armed Forces: A portion of all sales
proceeds go to the Troops First Foundation. Available in firm and soft
stiffness, the Hero line uses an advanced injection molding process to
lighten the grip’s weight (only 25 grams) and promote faster clubhead
speeds. $8.49

WinnLiteSoft White and
Black Grips

These grips are even lighter (20 grams) and feature the familiar pink
ribbon symbol synonymous with breast cancer: A portion of sales
proceeds go toward finding a cure for this dreaded disease. The outer
layer is made of V17 soft polymer material to provide ultimate comfort
and shock absorption. $6.49


The lightest jumbo putting grip on the market at 55 grams, the Slim
Lite made its debut on the PGA Tour last fall, making its way into the
bags of David Toms and Mark Calcavecchia. The non-tapered grip allows
you to place your finger tips on opposite sides of the shaft, which
promotes a square stroke and straighter rolling putts. $10.99

Ultra Slim
The thinnest of SuperStroke putters at 1 inch in diameter (compared to
1.67″ in the Fatso and 1.3″ in the Slim), the ultra-light (85 grams)
UltraSlim was the fastest growing oversized grip on the PGA Tour late
last season. Like the Slim Lite, the grip is constructed of a
proprietary polyurethane material and patented foam underlisting for
increased shock absorption and durability. $10.99

Black Widow,

From the same folks who make Softspikes cleats, the new Black Widow
grips are rapidly turning heads. The Widow Maker in particular features
a cord top area for increased grip and a softer bottom area for
improved feel. It’s a best-of-both-worlds design that really works. $8

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