Golf Magazine Innovators 2013: Fixing your swing on your smartphone

If you can't meet with Spearman for a lesson, download his new app for a personalized breakdown of your swing.
Angus Murray

The Trouble-Shooter
Mitchell Spearman, 49

As a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, I know that one-on-one lessons are a great way to improve. But I've always wanted to be able to reach more people in less time. This led me to develop my first smartphone app, Golf Shot Fixes, which allows golfers to troubleshoot problems without having to work with me in person.

The response I got from students was overwhelmingly positive. After developing the app, I continued to pursue ways to help more golfers than those I had time to see on the lesson tee. I know that people have a hard time sticking with an improvement plan if they don't have concrete proof that they're making progress.

This led to the development of My SwingScore, a smartphone app that grades a golf swing on 15 different technical aspects on a 100-point scale. This system lets players compare themselves to others and shows them the progress they're making with their swing, along with what they need to improve.

It's simple to use: A player takes a quick video of their swing, then sends it to me or one of my teaching professionals for analysis. We send back a detailed breakdown that includes both their SwingScore and the areas they need to work on. And as they work on the drills we suggest, they can continue having their technique evaluated until they see results.