ClubTest 2013: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 10

Cleveland Classic Collection HB 10
Schecter Lee

Cleveland Classic Collection HB 10 Putter
Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $90
35" shaft length
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Heel-toe weighting increases MOI and helps on mis-hits. A deep, CNC-milled face pattern is designed to provide soft feel.

DISTANCE CONTROL: An easy lag putter; light-swinging, nimble head gets the ball rolling quickly on good strikes; a nice combination of control and accuracy that shines on mid-range putts.
FEEL: Meets the ball with a satisfying pop; delivers a harder impact sensation than others tested but communicates feedback well; a balanced feel that's lighter overall than some mallets.
LOOK: "Classic" name is apropos — compact, symmetrical head appeals to traditionalists; two-line alignment aid is easy to track to the hole; sets up square without much effort.

Feel and roll can be inconsistent, even harsh on mis-hits; club tends to twist on heel or toe strikes; a few testers would prefer a single, central aiming line to the two-line track.

BOTTOM LINE: Lacks the "wow" factor of some others, but makes up for it with reasonable performance at a value price. It's a simple, attractive mallet that plays much like a blade.

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