ClubTest 2013: Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges

Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges

Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges
Category: Wedges
Price: $120
52°/10°, 56°/14°, 60°/12° with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The cavity distributes weight to the perimeter for added stability. A broad, uniform-width "Reverse C" sole has precise toe and heel grinds to bolster performance in sand or thick rough.

PLAYABILITY: A reliable trouble club — the 588 RTX CB does well from thick rough, and, interestingly, is preferred out of the sand more than its blade sibling; rounded sole doesn't dig and virtually eliminates chunks.
DISTANCE CONTROL: A long-hitting wedge that generates sufficient backspin, especially on delicate shots; it's more forgiving than a straight blade.
FEEL: Instructive at impact — it doesn't feel like a game-improvement wedge; some testers find the RTX CB to be softer on short shots than its blade counterpart.
LOOK: Much sleeker than a typical cavity-back wedge; on the ground, it looks nearly identical to the 588 RTX blade version; testers are partial to the black finish.

Respectable feel but not forged-soft feedback; doesn't cover misses as well as some expect given its cavity; a few guys say it's not great from tight lies in the fairway.

BOTTOM LINE: It's a low-stress trouble club that excels from sand and thick rough.

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