Get Fit: TaylorMade R9 Driver


1 The fitter watches you hit
your current driver. The
launch monitor records ball speed,
launch angle, spin rate, etc.
2 You hit a few shots with the
R9 driver.
3 The fitter makes adjustments
to the head (loft, face angle,
lie angle). He might even switch
the shaft or head (R9 460). Tweaks
are based on his observations plus
launch-monitor data.
4 You continue to hit balls
with various head-shaft
combinations until you zero
in on your optimal fit.

Age: 40
Handicap: 20
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 300 lbs.
Occupation: Magazine editor
Residence: Guttenberg, NJ
Old driver: TaylorMade R580XD, 10.5°, MAS2 graphite
shaft, R-flex, 45.5″

“I’m automatic some days. Other days I hit it way left most shots, with a tail to the right.”

Intermediate fitting: R9 460, 9.5°, Fujikura Motore 65, S-flex, Neutral face, fade bias, 45.5″

New driver: TaylorMade R9,
8.5°, Fujikura Motore 65, S-flex,
Open face, neutral bias, 44.5″

Club fitter, New York Golf Center
“You might assume that a more draw-biased club
would help, but opening the face is best for David. This
encourages drives to start closer to the left side of the
fairway rather than on the left side in the rough. Giving
him a shorter, stiffer shaft improves contact and smash factor.”

Age: 35 Handicap: 10
Height: 5’7″ Weight: 165 lbs.
Occupation: Account director
Residence: Lynbrook, NY
Old driver: 460 cc, 10.5°, graphite shaft, R-flex, 45.5″

Frank plays a draw, which is good, but he hits the ball too high and puts too much hook on it. We want his shots to curve less.

“I have a flat, inside-out move. I draw the ball consistently, but my misses can be way left.”

Intermediate fitting:
TaylorMade R9, 9.5°, Fujikura Motore 65, R-flex, Open face,
toe weight bias, 45″
New driver: TaylorMade R9,
8.5°, Fujikura Motore 65, S-flex,
Open face, toe weight bias, 45″

Club fitter, New York Golf Center
“I gave him an open clubface and fade-bias sole weights
(toward the toe). His dispersion improved dramatically,
and distance got better because shots were straighter.
This adjustment takes Frank’s disaster shot [duck hook]
out of play. I’d like to see him with a shaft shorter than 45.5″, too.”