Get Fit: Bridgestone Golf Balls

Get Fit: Bridgestone Golf Balls

Bridgestone B330 RX
Schecter Lee

Frank Tinelli
Age: 45
Handicap: 10
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 185 lbs.
Occupation: Insurance sales
Residence: Lynbrook, NY
Current ball: Bridgestone Tour B330-S
New ball: Bridgestone Tour B330-RX

Frank’s Area of Improvement:
“I want a ball
that flies higher,
straighter and reacts
well on the green.”

Given his swing speed, Frank launches
the ball fairly low, with more spin than is
desirable. He requires a ball with lower
(softer) core compression to increase
launch angle and decrease backspin
and sidespin with the driver.

Steve Newman, Bridgestone fitting manager:
“Our Tour B330-RX does the trick. Softer-core balls typically stay on the face longer and, subsequently, launch higher and spin less. Admittedly, he launches this ball about the same as his current one. But lower spin helps to increase carry and total distance (by 15 yards), plus it tightens his dispersion. Frank also hit his current and new balls with an 8-iron. Shots launch slightly higher with the RX ball, with less backspin, and carry one yard longer.”

Andrew Smith
Age: 27
Handicap: 11
Height: 6’1″
Weight: 230 lbs.
Occupation: Law student
Residence: White Plains, NY
Current ball: Distance 2-piece
New ball: Bridgestone e7+

Andrew’s a big hitter, but he should have
a much higher ball speed given his swing
speed. He loses ball speed with his current
2-piece distance ball mostly because the
core is too soft for him. He over-compresses
it, which limits energy transfer.

Andrew’s Area of Improvement:
“I want more
distance with
tighter dispersion.
Simple, huh?”

Steve Newman, Bridgestone fitting manager:
“The e7+ is a firm, 3-piece Surlyn ball built for
someone who hits it solidly but too high. Its firmer core
compression maintains faster ball speeds, reduces spin,
creates tighter dispersion and consistent shot-to-shot
trajectory. He hit 8-iron shots with the e7+ too. Results show a 1.5
mph drop in ball speed, spin comes down by 230 rpm, sidespin goes
up by 700 rpm and carry increases by two yards. We feel he can get
away with more sidespin with his short irons than with his driver.”

Bridgestone’s Fitting Methodology
“We strive to rein in the longest
shots first and make these shots
perform better,” explains Steve
Newman. “If we do that, there’s
a good chance that we’ll be able
to rein in shorter shots.”

1 Hit your own ball into a net
using your driver. The “Science
Eye” launch monitor records ball
speed, launch and backspin.

2 The fitter checks the data,
assesses the problem (if one
exists), and then recommends a
solution for the golfer.

3 Hit the recommended Bridgestone
ball with your driver. The fitter
checks comparative driver
results using launch-monitor data.

4 Repeat with an 8-iron. Check that
the new ball is within accepted
range for launch, spin and speed.