FootJoy ReelFit Shoes

February 16, 2007

I’ve been intrigued by statistics since I was a little boy. I’d study box scores all day to find the hidden meaning behind the numbers. Well, here’s an easy figure to digest—50. Fifty percent of the golf shoes (give or take a percent here or there) purchased in this country are FootJoys. Been that way for years. And the company won’t rest on its laurels.

Its latest cool creation is a shoe without laces. No, not golf sandals or slip-on mocs. I’m talking about a traditional golf shoe without traditional laces. The FootJoy ReelFit has thin steel cables as “laces” plus a knob in the heel to tighten them. Its lacing system, borrowed from Boa Technology, distributes even pressure across the top of the foot. This pushes your heel down and back, creating a comfortable, snug fit. An added benefit: The cables won’t loosen during the round.
$225; 800-224-8501,

Shopping for shoes
According to Rob Kelley, director of footwear marketing at FootJoy, there is a right and wrong way to buy golf shoes. Try these quick tips for a pain-free experience.

a. Try shoes on for size in late afternoon. Feet swell during the day, which affects your foot as much as half a size.

b. Buy the larger size if your feet vary by one-half size. If feet vary by more than a half-size, then you might have to special order shoes or even purchase two pair.

c. Don’t wear loose-fitting shoes. That causes friction and could lead to blisters.