Five Cool Pairs of Men’s Golf Shoes to Check Out Now

October 19, 2016

These are a few of the hippest and most tech-savvy kicks for golfers on the market right now.

FootJoy Hyperflex II, $159.99

With a two-year guarantee that it will remain 100 percent waterproof, the Hyperflex II is a good investment for golfers who often encounter muddy greens and soggy bunkers. It’s still a comfortable and stylish golf shoe, made with a soft, stretchy mesh material that flexes as you walk. Foam cushioning inside the shoe keeps your feet feeling comfy. Cleats that grip the surface and keep your heels and ankles stable as you move are designed to help player swinging on slippery ground.

IoFit Smart Shoes, $255

Now that there are smart phones, smart watches, and smart cars, it only makes sense that your shoes are going back to school, too. Iofit’s high-tech shoes are a stats-lover’s dream: sensors in the shoes themselves measure shifts in your balance and weight as you swing. The shoes’ data can be viewed on an app, which shows your stance and how your left and right feet differ. To re-charge the shoes, simply place them on a charging pad.

GFore Stars & Stripes Crusader Golf Shoes, $300

Still riding that patriotic high from the 2016 Olympics? Channel your love of country into your footwear with these red, white, and blue kicks that Bubba Watson sported on the course in Rio. These high-tops are not for the timidly-stylish, with bold red toes and big white stars on a navy background. They’re flexible, lightweight, and waterproof on the leather uppers. They’re also very comfortable, with a full-padded inner liner.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Bionic 2, $105


Skechers’ cushioned, striped Bionic golf shoe promises to keep the foot in a neutral, natural position as you swing and putt. The upper is waterproof, with a padded tongue and a padded inner fabric. In black, blue, and white, they’re guaranteed to help make your grip more stable and grounded.

Nike Flyknit Chukka Golf Shoes, $190

Ready to imitate Rickie Fowler’s on-course devotion to ankle-high sneakers? Nike has you covered: their Flyknit Chukka high-tops, recently seen on Brooks Koepka’s feet, are now available to the public. Choose from the black-and-white that Koepka wears or electric blue with lime-green details. Nike promises better support with a “sock-like fit” in breathable, flexible material. For the ladies, Michelle Wie’s audaciously pink Nike Blazers are still for sale. And if you want the full Rickie experience, Nike’s also selling joggers.