Fit for a Pro

February 19, 2007

GOLF MAGAZINE’s “Buy a Better Game” [January 2007 cover story] showcases seemingly limitless opportunities to be custom-fit. But hold on just one second. Many club companies offer an even higher level of fitting to Tour pros and well-heeled VIPs. These encounters showcase all the high-tech gadgetry and know-how that firms can muster. What follows is a glimpse into fittings that you likely won’t experience anytime soon.

Company: Adams
a. Indoor launch lab at headquarters in Plano, TX -Lab is outfitted with every Adams club in all shaft and loft variations, fitting software and launch monitors.

Company: Bridgestone
a. Test center in Covington, GA – Uses proprietary Bridgestone fitting software.
b. Lake Forest, CA – Site of golf club R&D team. Fittings for pro tour staff and amateur VIP’s in Southern Cal area using TrackMan launch monitor.

Company: Callaway
a. Ely Callaway Performance Center in Carlsbad, CA – Captures the most precise launch and trajectory measurements, with high-speed cameras and ball-flight simulators, in a controlled indoor setting. Features the Callaway Performance Analysis System (C-PAS), a proprietary ball flight capture system that analyzes club movement and ball flight. Club Impact System (CIS) is an impact camera that takes 10,000 images per second and measures impact location within 1 millimeter.
b. Company headquarters in Carlsbad, CA – Two fitting bays with all of Callaway’s latest fitting equipment.

Company: Cleveland
a. Fitting studio at headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA – Equipped with latest fitting technology, two hitting bays, launch monitors, putter fitting system (including S.A.M. Putt Lab). Public must go through authorized retail account of Cleveland Golf.

Company: Ping
a. On-site fitting at headquarters in Phoenix, AZ – Ping Wrx fitting (outdoor on test range). The PING Wrx version has limited access. Fittings can be arranged for a consumer through an existing PING account by company sales reps. Ping runs a couple hundred people through each year.

Company: TaylorMade
a. The “Kingdom” at company headquarters in Carlsbad, CA – Feature the Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade (MATT) system, launch monitors, etc. Golfer outfitted with special suit and club that include infrared reflective markers for 3-D swing analysis. Clubs built on-site that day.

Company: Titleist
a. Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA – The ultimate golfer diagnostic covers body type, nutrition, golf-specific fitness regimen (strength, conditioning, flexibility), shoe fitting, eye test, coordination test, putter fitting).

Company: Tour Edge
a. Fitting center at headquarters – Numerous club options available.

Company: Wilson
a. Fitting at headquarters – Plans to re-start this process in 2007 with the completion of a multi-million dollar innovation center. The center will serve Wilson racquet sports, baseball/softball, etc.