First Look: Nike T60, Cleveland Launcher Comp and Cobra Inertia

February 19, 2007

Nike Ignite T60
Nike’s T40 line of fairway woods featured a 40-gram tungsten sole plug for quick lift. The new T60 packs 20 more grams of tungsten thanks to a reshaped head (shorter front to back, deeper face) and thinner crown. Two-thirds of the club’s mass lies below the ball’s equator, and a soft-tip shaft also helps with lift-off. T60s come in six different lofts, each with a thin, lively steel face. $219 (steel), $239 (graphite); 888-799-6453 or

Cleveland launcher 460 Comp
The big-as-can-be, 460cc Launcher Comp driver substitutes carbon fiber for titanium in the crown to save 25 grams. This weight was reapplied low and deep in the head to produce a higher launch with less spin compared to all-titanium drivers. (The Comp’s launch angle is 5 to 10 percent higher and its spin rate 200 rpm lower than those of the original Launcher 460, making it best suited to fast swingers.) A beta-titanium face adds extra yards. $479 (graphite); 800-999-6263 or

Cobra Inertia Series
Every golfer has different needs when it comes to launch angle, sweetspot and workability. Cobra’s Inertia iron trio is made to satisfy them all. The 3400 I/XH (“inertia/extra-high” launch), geared to handicaps of 10 and up, has the biggest face, most offset and widest topline and sole. This combination stabilizes the clubhead on mis-hits; the sole also helps to lower its center of gravity. The 3100 I/H (“inertia/high” launch) sports a broad undercut channel that balances forgiveness and shot shaping, while the 2300 I/M (“inertia/mid-high” launch) is a better-players’ cavity-back designed for topnotch ball control. What puts the “team” in “I”? All three Inertia models have urethane low in the cavity to mute vibration. 3400 I/XH: $752 (steel), $880 (graphite); 3100 I/H: $560 (steel), $680 (graphite); 2300 I/M: $624 (steel); 800-624-5510 or