Ernie Els Training Aid

February 21, 2007

I’ve seen — and tried — scores of training aids over the years. A few deliver on their promise while too many others are a waste of your time and money. A new gizmo, the Ernie Els Training System by Rockroller, is definitely worth a try. The best part is you can hit shots while using each one of the three devices — Stimpdimple, Rockroller and Tempotimer.

And, really, it’s no surprise that this products work. This startup company has two strong leading men in co-founders, Jim Flood and Brad Adams. Each guy has enjoyed a long and successful run in the golf biz. Flood started Aldila and Odyssey, and invented the Bass Ackwards putter; Adams was also a co-founder at Odyssey and Never Compromise. (His father, Gary, started TaylorMade.)

But enough on the fellas behind the scenes.

The Stimpdimple ($10) slides easily onto your putter shaft. Go ahead and stroke some putts after placing a ball in its “dimple,” or cavity. You’ll find that Stimpdimple helps to build tempo during the stroke. It also forces you to make a more assertive stroke, so you follow through with authority. Stimpdimple can definitely help those who struggle with the flat stick and can serve as a helpful reminder for folks who already putt well.

The Rockroller ($60) is a metal apparatus that slips into the top of your putter grip. The contraption positions your upper body so you feel a one-piece stroke where your shoulders, hands and putter rock back and forth as a solid unit. Variations on this idea have been around for years. But the Rockroller does the trick.

Lastly, the Tempotimer ($50) makes you feel like you’re swinging a weighted club. Again, the good thing is you can smack balls while the 9.5-ounce sleeve is wrapped around your shaft. Work with it awhile and you may begin to get into a groove with better tempo and timing.

You can purchase the three aids individually or get the entire package (including an instructional DVD) for $100. To order, go to or call 866-970-7625.

Rob Sauerhaft is the Managing Editor of Equipment for GOLF MAGAZINE. E-mail him your questions and comments at [email protected]