Don’t Get Bent

February 19, 2007

The Kool Tee is a three-foot-long hand-molded contraption that lets you tee your ball, pluck it from the cup and repair ball marks, all from a standing position.

According to the Kool Tee Web site, the tool is designed “to address the problem of pain involved in bending over while playing golf. This common condition affects golfers of all ages…especially seniors with lower back, hip or knee problems.” Obviously helpful to physically-challenged players as well.

Best of all, its retractable stainless-steel spade makes collecting litter a walk in the park. Literally. We tested it in New York City’s Central Park, spearing $1.35 worth of discarded soda cans. And we didn’t bend over once. (Sorry, crazy bag lady–get your own Kool Tee!) After just two months of recycling, this baby pays for itself. $90;