Damage Control: Will my irons damage the graphite shafts in my bag?

Damage Control: Will my irons damage the graphite shafts in my bag?

Brian Gay's bogey-free 67 left him three strokes back.
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Frank Thomas is a former technical director of the United States Golf Association. He has written several books about golf equipment, the most recent being 'Just Hit It: Our Equipment and Our Game.'

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Dear Frank,
When I play, I take the headcovers off my woods for the entire round. Others put headcovers back on after every shot. I’ve been told that the banging of the iron clubheads will weaken the woods’ graphite shafts. Is this true?

If you play most of your golf using a cart, and you remove the headcovers for the entire round, there will be some contact between the iron clubheads and the graphite shafts. But unless there is some visible damage, you should not be too concerned. That said, I’d leave a couple of headcovers on to provide some cushion, even if you leave your driver unprotected for convenience at the tee.

If you walk and carry your own bag, make sure that the clubs are in the designed compartments. This should be enough to protect your graphite shafts even without headcovers.

If the woods and hybrids go bare, however, you may sound like a wind chime on the fairway; your stride will rattle the clubs and create a steady clinking sound. Even if this jostling does no damage to your shafts, the noise can be annoying to other players. This is another reason to keep a couple of clubs covered — it will help muffle the sound.


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