Custom Fitting for Cobra Speed Series Driver

February 16, 2007

Custom-fit golf clubs have been around for decades. What's different today is the level of commitment—and scientific know-how—exhibited by the big equipment companies. The investment they've made to develop accurate fitting systems speaks volumes. Isn't it time you take advantage of a custom-fit?

Last week I had a chance to preview Cobra's Custom Fit to Speed system. (The company is due to ship 2,000 systems to retailers in September.) This massive rollout coincides with three new iron intros (Carbon CB, FP and S9) and two new hybrids (Baffler Pro and Baffler DWS).

Cobra's fitting approach prescribes a set makeup—driver through wedges—based on your driver ball speed and ability. It's a quick and easy seven-step process. You start by taking a few rips with the test (F/Speed) driver. The company uses a proprietary launch monitor to measure driver ball speed, launch angle, etc. All it takes is a few more whacks before the fitter dials you in to a big stick with proper loft, shaft flex, shaft weight, length, etc.

Now it's on to irons. The fitter makes a preliminary head recommendation and measures you for shaft length, lie angle and grip size and settles on grip type. At this point, the fitting gets even more interesting. The two of you discuss initial set composition, which includes number of wedges, proper lofts, etc. After hitting a few more clubs—7-wood versus hybrid-3 iron or possibly 5-iron versus hybrid-5 iron—you arrive at the final set makeup. Cobra's Fit to Speed process is a fast, fun method that can benefit players of all abilities. The point is custom-fit clubs can make a difference for everyone, from touring pros to high handicappers.