Course of Style: Your golf shoes are so you!

Woody Hochswender's customized Adidas PowerBand 3.0

Adidas, which has long given consumers the ability to personalize its iconic athletic shoes, now offers golfers the option of going to the to build their own Powerband 3.0 golf shoes.

The Powerband 3.0 is a lightweight, technically advanced, mid- to high-end golf shoe ($140) worn by some touring professionals (the top-end Adidas shoe is the Tour 360). It has the characteristic Adidas three-stripe band at the sides, an aggressive athletic-shoe look, and incorporates the company’s brand-new “thin tech” sole system, which brings the golfer lower to the ground for greater swing stability.

Golfers can order the shoe in a variety of color schemes, mixing and matching leather colors, three-stripe colors (and stripe outlines), spike colors, and lace colors as well as personalizing the shoes with heel embroideries (using your nickname, for instance) or other symbols. You can even order different sizes for each foot. (My customized Powerbands, shown at left, have a size 11.5 left and an 11 right, reflecting my unique feet. Note also my penchant for muted colors. A bit of dash without the flash.)

Shoes custom-ordered through cost about 30 percent more ($180 plus $12 shipping). Other golf shoe companies, including FootJoy, the industry leader, have moved in this direction. Adidas, No. 2 worldwide, is now nipping at their heels.

Make your pair today at