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April 22, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z Hybrids


Category: Game-Improvement Hybrids
Price: $200
3-4 (adjusts 19° to 22°), 4-5 (adjusts 22° to 25°) with Matrix VLCT Altus graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Cobra’s MyFly8 hosel — which can add or subtract loft by up to 1.5° in half-degree increments — includes three draw-bias settings.



PLAYABILITY: Curved leading edge carves through thick rough; it won’t dig into the turf; medium trajectory launches lower than many of its peers; adjustable head adds a touch of versatility for anyone who plays multiple courses.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: The Fly-Z minimizes damage to keep you in the hole; with hallmark accuracy, shots want to go straight; above-average correction on off-center strikes; in its element on the tee box — a go-to club for tight par 4s.
DISTANCE: Honest yardage, about what guys expect out of each stated loft; maintains good length off the toe; thin shots scurry down the fairway; plays well into the wind.
FEEL: A bright, metallic pop on center contact, like catching a fastball on the barrel of an aluminum bat; muffles obnoxious feedback; balanced feel keeps your swing intact; weighting resonates with slower-swingers.
LOOK: A knockout — for many, the best-looking hybrid in the test; black finish with white accents comes off equal parts stealth and stout; slightly tall-faced shape seems like it can excavate your ball from any situation; several testers welcome the contrasting Cobra alignment aid.



For a few stronger swingers, the head-shaft combination feels loose at high speeds; not a prime candidate for guys who want distance first and foremost; smallish head size might scare off higher-handicappers.

BOTTOM LINE: The Fly-Z ranks as one of the top models tested. This first-rate option pairs laser-guided accuracy with model good looks.

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NEXT REVIEW: Mizuno JPX-850 Hybrid

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