Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review: ClubTest 2015

February 5, 2015

Cobra Fly-Z Driver


Category: Game-Improvement Drivers
Price: $329
10.5° (adjusts 9° to 12°) with Matrix VLCT SP graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The “SmartPad” sole helps the clubface angle remain square even after the loft has been adjusted.



DISTANCE: Average, if not awe-inspiring; the Fly Z driver doesn’t lose much on poor contact; when things click, it keeps up with the big boys.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: A game-improvement driver through and through; the sweet spot is the size of a baseball, really hard to miss; consistency is the keyword—most get repeatable results across the face with commendable forgiveness.
FEEL: A mistake-eraser with supreme stability through the ball; typical Cobra at impact—bright and resonant regardless of where you catch it.
PLAYABILITY: Easy to elevate, with an honest, mid-to-high trajectory; tight draws and baby fades are the norm.
LOOK: You make a fashion statement with the Fly-Z, a head-turner in the bag that looks fast as you stand over the ball; a long clubhead with a deep face; mammoth footprint inspires confidence in many testers.



Too much spin for some players, with a few even reporting ballooned drives; clubhead can feel huge throughout the swing, too big to maneuver; a few guys find feedback unsubstantial and differentiating mis-hits difficult.

BOTTOM LINE: The Fly-Z is a quintessential game-improvement driver that should suit many mid- to high-handicappers. It’s forgiving, user-friendly and long enough, although you may outgrow it as your game improves.

HOT STIX’S TAKE: The Fly-Z is a forgiving, higher-launching head geared toward players who need an elevation boost to increase distance. Launch – Mid; Spin – Mid

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From, November 4, 2014

The standard Fly-Z driver is aimed at players in the 5-25 handicap range looking for maximum distance with plenty of forgiveness. Designed with a fixed, low and back CG location the Fly-Z produces mid-high launch angles for all sorts of players.

“The Fly-Z Driver is positioned as one of the most forgiving drivers currently in the marketplace, yet it doesn’t sacrifice distance,” said Olsavsky. “The 460cc Driver offers a slightly larger address profile that enabled our engineers to create the most forgiving driver that COBRA Golf has ever made.”

Due to a significant amount of weight saved in the face and crown the Fly-Z is more stable on off-center hits than the Fly-Z+ and produces approximately 300 RPM more spin than the Fly-Z+ set in the back weighted position. A combination of MyFly8 and SmartPad technologies allow for eight loft and trajectory settings that range from 9- to 12-degrees. Five color options including black, white, blue, orange, and red are available while a green option will come in the spring. A Matrix VLCT SP shaft comes standard. The Fly-Z is also available in a women’s model that is optimized for slower swingers and comes in Raspberry, Silver, and Ultramarine.

From the February 2015 Issue of Golf Magazine

The Fly-Z [$329] features the same adjustable hosel as the Fly-Z+ with eight loft settings [9° to 12°] and color options as the Fly-Z+, but not a “flip weight.” Built with mid-handicappers in mind, the Fly-Z produces 300 rpm more spin and is more stable on mis-hits than the Fly-Z+ in the back-weight position.


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