Cobra Custom Driver Fitting

Cobra Custom Driver Fitting

Fulfill your need for speed

Cobra’s futuristic Tech Van pulls up to the course with new Speed Series drivers to show two readers just how easy it is to pile up extra yards — like 41 extra yards!


Reader: Darin McBeath

Hometown: Atlanta

Age: 35

Handicap: 14

Occupation: Business development manager

Old Driver: Cobra King Cobra 400 SZ, 9 degree, Cobra HM Tour graphite shaft, stiff flex, 45″

New Driver: CobraSpeed Series.F/Speed10.5º, Aldila NV graphite shaft, stiff flex, 44.5″$370;

Fitter: Seann McGinnis
Cobra Tech Van Specialist

“Darin’s steep swing and typical miss (low and toward the heel) caused his old club to spin the ball way too much. His drives would shoot straight up and come straight down, robbing him of distance. The lower you hit the ball, the harder the club works to keep the ball airborne. The bigger F/Speed driver (460 cc) teed up a little higher gives him more margin for error and a lot less spin.”

Know Your Limits: The higher your handicap, the more you need custom fitting. Low-handicappers possess an instinctive feel for what’s right, or close to it. High-handicappers don’t have that luxury and often struggle with the clubs they choose.


Ball Speed Launch Angle Backspin Carry Carry + Roll
Before 153 MPH 15 degree 4,802 RPM 233 yards 237 yards
After 160 MPH 12 degree 3,074 RPM 269 yards 278 yards

Reader: Hann Livingston

Hometown: Atlanta

Age: 33

Handicap: 7

Occupation:Regional sales manager

Old Driver: Cobra King Cobra 450 SZ Tour, 8 degree, Penley ETR graphite shaft, stiff flex, 46″

New Driver: Cobra Speed Series F/Speed 10.5 degree, Aldila NV graphite shaft, stiff flex, 44.5″$370;

Fitter: Bryan Parker Cobra Tech Van Specialist

“Hann’s old club wasn’t giving him enough spin. That made him rely on roll, so he’d sacrifice a lot of distance on soggy courses. An additional 2.5 degrees of loft means he can get more under the ball for enough spin and a higher trajectory. His old driver was 46″ long, which caused misses on the heel. We chopped off 1.5 inches, bringing the center of the clubface closer to him without changing his swing.”

Know Your Limits: Conventional wisdom says the longer the club the longer the drive, but a longer shaft makes it more difficult to find the sweet spot. Your distance relates to your ball speed and your optimal trajectory, and increased ball speed comes from hitting the center of the face. You do the math.

Ball Speed Launch Angle Backspin Carry Carry + Roll
Before 154 MPH 13 degree 1,604 RPM 240 yards 265 yards
After 157 MPH 14 degree 3,318 RPM 264 yards 276 yards


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