Cobra AMP Hybrid

Cobra AMP Hybrid
Schecter Lee

From Golf Magazine ClubTest 2012 (May, 2012)

Category: Better-Player Hybrids
Price: $189, graphite

WE TESTED: 2/H (17°), 3/H (19°), 4/H (22°) with Aldila RIP graphite shaft
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The club’s “adjustable flight technology” (AFT) consists of three face angle settings (1.5° open, neutral, 1.5° closed). The “open” setting causes shots to fly lower with less spin, while the closed setting creates a higher flight with more spin. The 455 maraging steel clubface is lighter and hotter than standard 17-4 stainless steel faces.

OUR TESTERS SAY: These clubs are pretty good tools despite lacking a serious look.

PLAYABILITY: Extremely easy club to hit; typical flight is a high, soft draw; cuts through thick rough very well, like a tiny lawnmower; some testers find that the adjustable head helps make the club quite versatile.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Provides a good degree of help; most shots stay somewhere in the ballpark.
DISTANCE: Respectable carry lengths comparable to testers’ own clubs.
FEEL: A light, well-balanced club to swing; the grips are soft, tacky and easy on the hands; nice impact feel—nothing harsh or stinging on mis-hits.
LOOK: Clubhead appears smaller than most; silver head, gray shaft and bright orange grip definitely stand out.

The color scheme looks cheap to many testers; it appears to have more offset than several guys prefer; not versatile enough
for some testers because it’s too difficult to work left to right.