ClubTest 2013: Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons

ClubTest 2013: Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons

Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons
Category: Better-Player Irons
Price: $899, steel
3-GW with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft.
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The set transitions from a subtle cavity in long irons (3-6) to muscleback short irons. The clubheads are forged from 1020 carbon steel.

The most maneuverable model tested; delivers a strong, medium-high trajectory that can be manipulated into any shotshape imaginable; short irons are nimble around the greens.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: Precise accuracy — scoring shots stick to the greens like lawn darts; a few testers are surprisingly pleased by the amount of help on misses for a true compact blade.
DISTANCE CONTROL: Favors handling over speed; rewards solid swings with predictable results; thin hits carry better than testers expect; easy to dial in half and three-quarter shots.
FEEL: A responsive forging that delivers intense feedback and a solid "whack" at impact; small clubhead tracks well through the ball.
LOOK: An old-school blade-lover’s dream; testers rave about the sleek, satin finish and overall aggressive head shape; progressive cavity is totally hidden beneath a thin topline with no offset to speak of; definitely a player’s look — good luck getting strokes from your buddies with these in the bag.

Directional misses are amplified compared with others tested; middle-of-the- pack length; the clubs can get manhandled by bad lies — requires real muscle to get through thick rough.

BOTTOM LINE: An elegant, throwback iron with tons of workability and a touch of forgiveness. The AMP Cell Pro is worth a look for blade-lovers, and best-suited for grooved ballstrikers with some swing speed to power through tough lies.

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