ClubTest Methodology

ClubTest Methodology


Each month we test the newest equipment that manufacturers make available to us. We choose testers from thousands of applications posted at GOLFONLINE.COM. Testers’ handicaps range from 0 to 20—one-third are single-digit handicaps, two-thirds are double-digits. Those selected fall evenly into three age groups—20 to 39 years old, 40 to 49, and 50 or higher. Here’s how a typical day goes at ClubTest.

Rise and Shine
Typically, testers spend an entire day with the test set. Our testers hit balls on the driving range from sunrise till 11:30 am, using clubs with the appropriate shaft flex for their swing speed/ability. Next, testers are asked to answer questionnaires on each model and respond to specific questions about a club’s Cosmetics, Feel, Playability, Accuracy/Forgiveness and Distance. GOLF Magazine staffers read the surveys and return them to testers for further analysis/checking.

Break Time
Testers review their submissions over lunch.

Tee Time
Testers put clubs through their paces on-course. This additional testing is an opportunity for the testers to evaluate the clubs in typical playing conditions. The testers are asked to give further feedback.

Testers vote on Cosmetics, Feel, Playability, Accuracy/Forgiveness, and Distance using a 100-point scale. Our star system rewards the top picks. All categories (Cosmetics, Feel, etc) carry the same weight when determining top picks.

Views expressed in ClubTest are based on testers’ findings. GOLF MAGAZINE recommends that purchasers should always take the opportunity to test clubs on course before a final decision is made.