Cleveland Smart Square Blade Putter Review: ClubTest 2015

May 26, 2015

Cleveland Smart Square Blade Putter


Category: Midsize Mallet Putters
Price: $140
34”, 35” shaft lengths
KEY TECHNOLOGIES: The dual-square visual aid makes aiming easy.



DISTANCE CONTROL: Nearly effortless control from most distances, although long putts occasionally require a little extra oomph; there’s just enough weight here to promote a firm, accelerating stroke.
FEEL: A soft, muted thud on center hits, and it’s fairly pleasant off the heel and toe as well; a nicely balanced head—for some, the lightweight feel is a plus compared with other models.
LOOK: An interesting mix of blade and mallet, the Smart Square has testers feeling confident about their alignment; handsome, dull charcoal finish is a hit, and testers believe all the right angles help to frame and aim the ball; it can improve your stroke through superior optics—the visual aids let you focus on distance without fear of lining up incorrectly.



For many testers, there isn’t enough meat behind the ball—they want a heavier-feeling head; a few guys say the white squares are gimmicky and distracting; others notice that the putter, on occasion, sends the ball skipping off the face, instead of rolling right away.

BOTTOM LINE: The club’s greatest strength is its alignment tool, which lets testers focus fully on the hole and the pace of the stroke. If you’re looking for a bit of help with your aim, then the Smart Square is definitely worth a try.

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NEXT REVIEW: Nike Method Matter M5-12 Putter

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